I’m Molly, the test cook and research specialist for Orange Tree Lane. The connection between healthy eating and feeling good has always been clear to me. For instance, while others ate take out pizza in college I was making 10 ingredient salads for dinner.  Now my friends bring junk food to my house when they come over, and my three teenagers get teased at school for their unusual lunches, but I press on despite adversity!

The kids look for hidden kale in everything they eat, dessert included, but my wonderful husband just eats what I put down in front of him without questioning it anymore.  I’m a health food junkie! But don’t think you understand me that easily; you see, one of my favorite foods is donuts.

A track coach I had in college who continued to compete well into her middle age inspired me to remain active and stay young inside no matter how old I get on the outside. My desire to feed my family well, feel good, age well and stay active keeps me looking for great information and recipes that are nutritionally excellent. 

Besides writing about, cooking with, shopping for, and taking pictures of food, I love to run, read and relax with those I love more than anything else.  My greatest dream for this site is that it will inspire many busy cooks to prepare truly nourishing food, and then to enjoy all the benefits that come along with it. 

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