Paired Recipies- Black Bean Burritos & Tasty Black Bean Chili

I just tried this again to make sure it is all working well, and Ben loved it, again.  I myself have gotten quite a few lunches and dinners out of these two delicious entrees, and I’ve saved myself a lot of time and dishwashing at the same time.

Here is a suggested timeline for using the two recipes. Of course, do this however works best for your family, but it might spark some new ideas.

DAY #1
a) Print both recipes and buy ingredients.  If you make an account on, then you can look at the recipes in the grocery store if you forgot to make a list.

b) Try to do the prep work (cutting vegetables) listed for the Black Bean Burritos ahead of time if you will be gone all day. 

c) Make the burritos saving half for the chili.  (Freeze some of the burritos if you like for later.  Ben just got them in his lunch for a few days.)  I don’t eat tortillas very often, so I just had the filling with some other vegetables as well for dinner.

DAY #2

a) Try to do the prep work for the Turkey Chili, then make it, adding the leftover burrito filling, when you are ready to cook.  This makes a big pot, so again, you could freeze part and have it later over rice, or with a green salad.

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