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About Orange Tree Lane

Americans outspend every other nation in health care, yet more than 125 million Americans live with chronic health problems.  Fortunately, “chronic diseases are largely preventable through attention to healthy lifestyles—good nutrition, physical activity, preventive screenings, and making healthy choices…” *(United States Surgeon General). 

We believe strongly that there is a direct correlation between what you eat and your energy level, how you age, and how well your body survives the journey it is on.  We don’t believe that nutrition can fix everything, but we strongly believe it can fix and prevent a lot!  We want you to know your unique contribution to the world around you, and then to accomplish it with the greatest physical strength possible.

While there are many resources out there that can help in this area, only Orange Tree Lane brings them all together in one powerful, cohesive package.  Rather than watching a cooking show in one place, reading an article about nutrition in another, and then subscribing to a menu planner, we put them all together so that every helpful component is reinforcing the same message at one time. Now that’s a better way to arm yourself with the tools you need to change!

Like other great menu planners, Orange Tree Lane:
-shows you a picture of each entree
- stores your favorite recipes in a personal recipe box so you can easily make them again
-provides a generous archive for replacements
- allows you to change the yield for each recipe
- and crowns all with a completely personalized and organized shopping list.

Yet Orange Tree Lane alone offers all of these premium options enhanced by our completely unique combination of:

- teaching for understanding (Weekly Special)
-video tutorials
- menus that let you use what you learn each week.

Every Thursday we will post a new Weekly Special, a quick yet vital highlight about one aspect of the nutrition puzzle. Knowledge is power, and what you learn will inspire you to make better food choices as you grow in understanding.  We reinforce that learning by providing you with three delicious, pre-tested entree recipes for the coming week whose ingredients reflect what you’ve learned.  Newer cooks may test one or two delicious new recipes, while the more experienced chef may try all three plus a few old favorites from their personal Recipe Box.  As an added benefit, the automatically generated shopping list will match your personalized menu so that grocery shopping is quick and efficient.

There are so many different voices to listen to when it comes to what you should eat for greatest health. “ Lots of protein”,  “no red meat”, “high carbs”, “low carbs”, “special combinations”,  “listen to your body”…the choices are endless.  Orange Tree Lane is not just another voice in the crowd because we are a tool which can be used to enhance the benefits of many different ideologies.

Busy people want to be healthy too but need time-saving tools to eat healthier food.  Therefore we provide menus and shopping lists crammed full of vegetables, whole grains, and a great variety of protein sources from both animal and plants. We stay away from processed food and stick to food in its most natural form to avoid unnatural additives and to get maximum nutrients.  We suggest and encourage fresh, organic eating with a flexible approach that encourages everyone to follow along at their own pace.  A vegetarian could change our menus to eliminate meat, while an enthusiastic meat eater could add more.  Our menu falls somewhere in between with a balance of red, white, and plant protein sources. 

We aren’t a diet per say, but we have some “shoulds” we hope our members will learn to agree with.  We should:

- eliminate all processed (white flour) grains from our diet
- replace some of our meat entrees with plant sources like beans
- buy hormone free, grass fed meat whenever possible
- eat some fresh, uncooked vegetables every day
- make sure our plates are half filled with vegetables and fruit
- drink mostly water and more of it
- eat fish sparingly because of mercury contamination and supplement daily with purified fish oil
- eat things only when we know what they are…read labels!

Just as every great adventure starts with the first step, we welcome you to take your next step towards better living with our healthy, personalized menus and help. You’ll be glad you did.

Come cook with us! 

Your Friends at Orange Tree Lane

* http://www.health.gov/dietaryguidelines/dga2005/healthieryou/html/surgeongeneral.htm


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